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Multiprob 120-UP

Our MULTIPROB 120-UP offers direct-push sampling with automated collection to a maximum extraction depth of 90 cm. The remote push-button control (with cord) let you collect samples and retrieves cores automatically without having to get off the driver seat of the carrying vehicle. Soil sample retrieval is extremely fast and accurate. 

Multiprob 120-UP is PLC-controlled and therfore ready for several applications and extraction depths. Up to 8 different control programs (number depends on their complexity) can be used and the operator is able to supervise the workflow via the monitor of the operation panel.

Hydraulic power is supplied either by carrying vehicle (tractors) or, for all vehicles withoute own hydraulic system, by a stand-alone drive-assembly (Power-Pack). The boring rod is pushed into the soil by a hydraulic LIFTON-breaker with a performance of 2500 blows per minute. Example of a work-sequence using the standard 90 cm-control program:

The boring rod is pushed into the soil and makes a 180° turn, and while the rod is torn up again the soil samples of the three layers are retrieved automatically into the three collection boxes which switch after each layer: top layer into box 1, medium layer into box 2 and bottom layer into box 3.

MULTIPROB 120-UP easily mounts to pickup truck, light vehiccles (like John Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule or Kubota RTV 900) or tractors. Very adequate for little soil pressure is installation on our light weight special trailer AH1 with its large tire equipment.

layer seperation 90video

Functional description:
  • Impact-ram system
  • The slotted rod is hammered into the ground by a high-frequency impact-ram system (2500 blows/min), rotated and pulled out
  • Removing the soil sample occurs as the boring rod is lifted
  • The soil sample from each layer automatically ends up in the prescribed container

Multiprob 120 UP auf Ford Ranger